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For a lot of people, the chance to see a dangerous predator or an endangered beauty of the natural environment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

And while we may be biased towards the marine world, we think that special experience is especially true when it comes to marine reptiles.

Best Time of Year to Visit Cartagena

  • Varadero Reef: A fascinating marine ecosystem off the coast of Cartagena. The reef is home to over 30 scleractinian coral species and attracts local marine life.
  • Baru Island: Home to an underwater art museum with fascinating sculptures. Diving here allows you to see vibrant coral, marine life, and shipwrecks.

Are you a professional angler looking for a challenge? Book a deep-sea fishing trip for an action-packed off-shore adventure in Cartagena. With the help of an experienced captain and high-grade equipment, you will have the chance to catch huge Snapper, Grouper, and other predators lurking deep below the water.

Spanish River Park

Spotting wild animals in their natural habitats can be one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. 

Sometimes referred to as the Lagoon of Boca Raton, this is a popular area for boaters and allows access to the Intracoastal waterway of Florida. It’s a beautiful waterfront park with a beautiful beach for swimming and great bird-watching opportunities. It’s a family-friendly waterfront park with a playground, bathrooms, and showers.

The spacious layout provides ample room to move around, lounge, and entertain. Onboard you can admire the mansions and yachts along Millionaire’s Row, New River, Intracoastal Waterway, and Port Everglades. Be on the lookout for local wildlife such as dolphins, manatees, turtles, and more!

Hello! I am Alexandra Owen. I am city skyline and landscape photographer. I fell in love with photography when I bought my first digital camera Canon 5d Mark II back in 2011.


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